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Historical People According To Me

Kid Rock

The Kid

The music of Kid Rock is timeless. The songs will be horrible no matter what time they are listened to. Who can forget the first time they heard Kid Rock's anthem Bawitdaba? I'd sure like to, but from the moment I first heard that little midget up on stage talking about his extra long genitalia, I could tell that this wasn't something I was going to have to suffer through for long.

Kid Rock's hits include the deeply lyricle Cowboy and the now slightly famous American Bad Ass. Thankfully his first album which included Wax the Booty dropped off the charts and was never heard from again faster than a cheetah of a trampoline.

Kid Rock is widely credited with inventing rap metal, something that people have been trying to kill him for ever since. Unfortunately Kid Rock has survived all assasination attempts and is probably going to put out a new album.

Not all of Kid Rock's career has been pathetic, some of it has also been heartbreaking too. Kid Rock's midget died of medical complications. Maybe it was the little guy's ten foot penis that he was so fond of singing about that did him in. Kid Rock consoled himself by marrying the formerly attractive Pamela Anderson, whose stock has been dropping ever since leaving the show Home Improvement where she played the 'Tool Girl'. 50% of Kid Rock's fans are hoping that he comes out with another album, while the other fan is quite content with the work Rock has put out so far and feels he should wait awhile before making another weak attempt at something musical.