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Think You Know Apathy

Think Again

Its the worst thing in the world, this menace.
Worse then death, the great human concern,
For when we lose life we gain God's presence.
"Dust thou art; and to dust thou shall return."
Death is welcome compared to this beast,
It grabs you tight, never to be released.

Much worse than the lie that some call 'true love,'
Which will shred and rip your heart with a knife
And do to you things too ugly to speak of.
Wishing that it was death that had your life,
know this isn't the worst and praise the Lord,
it can be worse then your heart meeting a sword.

What I speak of is worse than any pain.
A broken heart; the loss of life seem grand.
Your worst fears will become quite urbane,
polite, refined, and easy to withstand.
What I speak of leaves you with no emotion.
Of joy, pain, love, hate; you'll have no notion.

When apathy comes you'll have no concern.
When Satan steals your expectations
you won't care or feel if your loved ones burn.
Others laugh, love; you have no sensation.
"fear him who can destroy body and soul,"
leaving you numb, turning your heart to coal.